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Winter 2021

Game Schedule


As we all know, COVID-19 is a fluid topic and can change things. We are currently expecting the following restrictions for the Winter 2021 Season. By registering, you agree to these restrictions and will help keep the league in compliance so we are not in danger of losing our lease.

- Games will be spectator restricted. It is expected that the player and TWO (2) spectators will be allowed on either a field or court.

- Masks MUST BE WORN at all indoor games by spectators, and outdoors if social distancing is not possible.

- Refunds will be granted in full through the end of the late registration period if another government shut down occurs. Refunds will be partially granted if another government shut down occurs after rosters are sent (half of our non-profit expenses have been paid at this point). Refunds will not be granted if a government shut down happens after Week 1 (all expenses for our non-profit have been paid at this point).

- If there is a spectator or mask violation that is not immediately corrected upon being asked, both the athlete and parent will not be allowed to participate for the remainder of the season.

Whether you agree with the COVID-19 restrictions or not, we have to be in compliance to maintain our lease and appreciate your willingness to set an example and help cooperate.

Arizona Little Athletes - Mission Statement

Arizona Little Athletes was started to provide a low-cost option for kids aged 3 years old thru 6th grade to participate in recreational sports. The benefits of sports include practice, competition, teamwork, strategy and more. Price should not be a barrier to entry for parents and children looking to have fun, learn a new sport, hone their skills, grow as individuals and have a great experience doing it all. Arizona Little Athletes knows how it is to both coach and spectate little athletes and will remain agile to change to the needs of athletes, coaches, and parents. The goal is to provide a great experience and replicate that experience for players, coaches, and families every season. Quality will not be sacrificed in order to support growth of the league. The goal is to grow, but to grow the right way so the experience remains best in class.



Arizona Little Athletes

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